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The Holy Rosary - The Virgin Mary
The Servants of the Lord The Exaltation of the Holy Cross - 2019
Saint Catherine of Siena - the Cross
IVE Meeinting Rome 2019
Servidoras Iceland
New Doctor for the Institute Servants of the Lord - Sr. María Vergine dei Tramonti Simmermacher
IVE SSVM in Aleppo, Syria
Our Lady of Luján May 08, 2019
Saint Catherine of Siena SSVM
SSVM The Holy Cross and Redemption
SSVM Founded in Christ
SSVM Spouses of Christ
SSVM - The Holy Mass - Sacramental Life and Liturgy
40 hours for vocations - SSVM
Mother Maria Corredentora, General Superior in Guyana - SSVM
Servidoras Year end thanksgiving 2018
Oración Eucarística - Servidoras
Young Religious Sister Vocations - Servidoras
María de Todos los Santos Fix, SSVM - EN
SSVM Missionary and Marian
SSVM Profession of Perpetual Vow in USA - 2018
Servidoras y IVE Jornadas de los Jóvenes
Popular Mission - SSVM
Religious Family of the Incarnate Word - Our Lady of Lujan
Our Lady of Luján - Servidoras IVE
SSVM Cross and ring
Bizantine Rite SSVM



St. Catherine of Siena

Santa Catalina de Siena


The IVE Meeting is an International Gathering of our Religious Family, in...

In the mystery of Christ's death and Resurrection, all is redeemed, and...

It is with a great spirit of gratitude that our sisters celebratedthe 25th...